Monday, July 20, 2009

Grant Writing Session

During our class five meeting, our focus was on Grant Writing for School Libraries. We went through a problem solving model in order to develop a grant program idea. We followed this up with a mock-up of key parts of a grant application for the project idea that we chose as the way to best solve the problem (building literacy, particularly in students who are English language learners) we identified in our mock school.

Below is part of our brainstorming for possible solutions that could lead to a grant project:

Here is the the outline of moving our project idea into a grant proposal:

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Pam Meiser said...

What a great idea to take a picture of the boards! I didn't even think of that. I've gotten spoiled having a SMARTboard. I could save all those notes. They weren't always helpful, but more times than not, I'd go back to some old notes we took and look at them again. Did you share our ideas with your friend?